Black Friday 2017

Welcome to the Dark Side

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The Mad Dash
What's It All About?

It’s the maddest time in the holiday season. The time to get the best deals but also the time of the most competition for savings. You’ve seen it on the news, it’s a mad dash through department stores to grab the best items at the best prices. You may say, hey, isn’t it too early to shop for Christmas? Nonsense! It’s the perfect time. Getting all your presents now won’t just save you money, it will give you a satisfied grin everytime a friend mentions how they haven’t gotten around to buying their gifts yet. Suckers!


A Long, Long Time Ago

Like terribly addictive pop music and diabetes, Black Friday is a great American export. It was created originally by Macy’s in New York in conjunction with the Thanksgiving Day parade down 5th Avenue. You know, the parade with the 100 meter long Garfield balloons, Santa on a float, and endless marching bands. It launched the official start of the Christmas Shopping season. Since then, companies around the world have thought, hey, that’s a pretty good idea. And so it has grown. It hoped the pond to England, then took Europe, South Africa, and Latin America. Now the concept of binge shopping has become a globally recognized holiday.

What’s in a Name?

The name could probably use a little work. While virtually every other use of Black is negative, connoting some human tragedy or major financial shock, Black Friday is a cheerful affair. In the confused manner of business naming conventions the day was called Black because it was the day when retailers hoped to go from the red (losing money) into the black (making money). What store wouldn’t want to frontload all it’s Christmas revenue? It means less uncertainty about whether you will make a profit that year. More puzzling is how the day entirely created by suave “Mad Men” style marketing masterminds would have such a lousy name.

What about Oz?

We know what you’re thinking. New York’s 5th avenue is a long way away. Why should we as  Australians even pay attention to some American Holiday celebrating materialism at it’s most pure and grasping? We can’t stampede into Californian Wal-marts (it’d be amazing to see what a good Australian rugby player could do in one of those scrums). Is it even possible to get some of that sweet Spring savings? The answer is yes. With CUPONATION we are connecting you with all the major American retailers who ship to Australia. And we’re giving you access to all the best deals.

Do it in Your Jammies

So, chill out in your home this Black Friday and wait for CUPONATION to hand deliver the best savings from across the pacific. We’ll make sure you know where to find all the deals, promos, and codes.