Results: Small Cities Search Online for Pot Accessories More than Large Cities

On 24 February, 2016, Australia passed a momentous and historic law legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana, with the state of Victoria being the first on 12 April, 2016. CupoNation carried out a study on the top 10 Australian cities where people are searching online for marijuana-smoking accessories. The findings come from having tracked anonymous customer visits to 3 well-known marijuana paraphernalia websites.

Visits to Online Marijuana Paraphernalia Retailers Increased Between February and August 2016

In only 6 months since medicinal marijuana has been legalized country-wide in Australia in February, CupoNation has seen a 46% increase in visits to online marijuana paraphernalia shops.

The data is sourced from several online tools that provide location information on users' online searches. The values are indexed numbers and compare the number of visits to the retailer pages with the population of each city. The city population figures are derived from the latest Australian Demographic Statistics.

In addition, CupoNation compared and contrasted visits from individual Australian cities to also find out which city is searching the most per capita. Click on the graph’s tabs to compare each city's shoppers vs. population.

CupoNation has found that the small city of Launceston per capita is standing out in great contrast to Australia’s major cities. With a population approximately 95% smaller than Melbourne and Sydney, Launceston is searching online 63% more.

“At the outset of the study, we imagined that cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast would have topped the list because of their ‘trendy’ or ‘surfer’ stereotypes. But it’s great to see results that we didn’t expect,” says Moritz Schollähn, Commercial Manager for Australia.

Visits to Paraphernalia Sites Since Feb’16

This map shows visits to online marijuana accessories shops since February 2016 by region. Zoom in on the map to see how your city ranks.

Smoking-Apparatus of Choice

CupoNation also took it one step further by analysing data to reveal which products are most sought after by online shoppers. After breaking down the information, it is revealed that the classic “bong” is the preferred method of smoking when compared to vaporizers, pipes and/or rolling papers.

“If there’s anything educational we can conclude from this study, it’s that online users in Brisbane, Adelaide and Launceston care very much about the way they smoke their marijuana. Bongs and vaporizers can be quite pricey investments; good thing we have coupons for that!” Moritz remarks with a smile.

On 24 February, 2016, Australia legalized the use of medicinal marijuana. Since then, between February and September, the number of visits to online marijuana paraphernalia shops has increased by 46%. CupoNation included data from three well-known marijuana paraphernalia websites in Australia that sell various products, including bongs, vaporizers, pipes and more.

CupoNation indexed the number of visitors and compared them to the population of the top 10 cities involved. The data is based on the last six months and indicates how many people are shopping online for marijuana accessories in proportion to the population. According to the data, the cities searching for paraphernalia above average are:

  1. Brisbane: 100
  2. Adelaide: 96
  3. Launceston: 94
  4. Toowoomba: 63

The study only excluded cities that had so few visits that we were not able to carry out the analysis. For more information about the study, contact us at