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Comparison of beer consumption in 30 cities worldwide

Every March 17, the world celebrates the Feast of St. Patrick and Irish culture which is often associated with drinking beer. Paying tribute to one of the most world’s popular beverages, the global savings platform CupoNation has made a study examining beer consumption around the world. If you ever wondered what cities around the world drink and splurge the most on beer, CupoNation has got the answers.

What are the cities that spend the most on beer per capita?

English-speaking countries are the biggest spenders when it comes to beer. According to the research, cities that splurge the most on beer per capita are Melbourne ($1,207), London ($1,096) and Sydney ($1,083). But no need to cut the expenses, CupoNation counted that it’s only 3% of average income in those cities. Meanwhile, Russians and Brazilians spend a significant part of their annual income on beer. Beer drinkers in Moscow spend on beer averagely 10.7% (or $715) of their income, in Sao Paulo -- 9.85% (or $563), in Rio de Janeiro -- 8.5% (or $487). The most savvy drinkers live in India, people in Mumbai and New Deli averagely spend $99 and $86 on beer per year respectively, which is about 1.5% of annual average income in India. The world’s biggest beer drinkers live in Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Citizens of Prague drinking 304 pints per person are the clear winners. Vienna, Frankfurt and Berlin shared the second place with 228 beer pints drunk per person. The city of the world’s biggest beer drinkers -- Prague -- took only the 24th place with $487 spent on beer per capita. Do not be surprised, a beer pint in Prague is the cheapest -- only $1.60. The most expensive beer pint across 30 cities worldwide was found in Hong Kong -- $8.90 per pint.


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