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Our company
At CUPONATION, we believe that everyone should always try to get more out of life and that saving is a clever way for everyone to do so:

>By paying less for your needs and having more to spend on the wants.
>And by saving time using our platforms, which can be spent enjoying life
This is why we tirelessly work on new ways to bring the best opportunities to save to everyone around the world and build the best tools to access and discover them.

On our global platforms, we enable our users to access and discover the best opportunities to save from all stores and brands across all categories from anywhere around the globe.

We are constantly searching for and learning about new ideas and technologies to save.
We work hard to enable everyone to make clever purchase decisions and get more out of online shopping.
We are excited to have the opportunity to help you make the most out of your life.
Be Global.
We believe the internet makes also shopping global. Therefore we work in teams with different backgrounds and geographies and are constantly sharing our global experiences on saving.
Online shopping is a very personal experience, this is why we build customizable platforms to adapt the vast world of savings to our customers needs and wants.